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Artist Eva Koch works spatially in the fields of video installation, sound and sculpture.
Eva Koch’s sculptures relate in scale to man’s own physical presence, most notably in her Earth Sculpture near the city of Esbjerg, created out of 800,000 cubic meters of earth, a clear landmark in the West Jutland landscape.
A recurrent theme in Eva Koch’s video works is the anonymous individual seen from a collective viewpoint. In her large-scale interactive video work VILLAR the viewer is given insight into a family whose lives have been affected by war. The work is a multi-faceted narrative showing us that truth has many aspects and that our memories are subjective.
Eva Koch’s art is often place-specific and interactive. Her works particularly revolve around the themes of communication and the shared features of human experience. Presented in a sensuous simple language in which image and word merge in extension of one another.

  • VILLAR – an interactive installation for 6 projectors

    VILLAR – an interactive installation for 6 projectors

    During the Spanish Civil War in the 1930s in the remote mountain village of Villar del Cobo, the children of the Martinez Lopez family were separated from each other. Their father had died some years earlier, and when their mother, Manuela, was hospitalized for a time, two of the children, Ernesto and Cristobalina, were placed…

  • VILLAR – Manuela’s Children – An interactive visual art documentary

    VILLAR – Manuela’s Children – An interactive visual art documentary

    Villar – Manuela’s Children is based on an unusual story deriving from the artist’s own family, which was split up during the Spanish Civil War and only reunited by chance many years later. Villar – Manuela’s Children is presented on a single screen and is structured as an interactive documentary, in which 4 siblings tell…

  • My Sea

    My Sea

    Permanent sound and video for AUH Psykiatrien Aarhus University Hospital in Skejby My Sea is a permanent sound and video projection created for Aarhus University Hospital’s new psychiatric centre. The centre consists of a four-sided building surrounding a large outdoor space divided into a number of separate courtyards and with a communal house in the…

  • The Bowl and the Pearl – A bouquet for Kokkedal

    The Bowl and the Pearl – A bouquet for Kokkedal

    The Bowl and the Pearl is a site-specific installation for Holmegårds Plads in Kokkedal, created in connection with a major climate adaptation project. The site extends between a school, a care centre, a shopping mall, cycle paths and a road. Many different aspects therefore had to be taken into consideration to meet the needs of…

  • The Quarter

    The Quarter

    Eva Koch’s sculpture The Quarter is a wall-hung bronze sculpture in two parts installed in a right-angled mirror-clad corner. Outermost there is a relief of a quarter of a circle; innermost as a kind of pupil there is a quarter of a hilly centre. Because of its installation in the mirror-clad corner the concrete quarter…

  • Made by hand

    Made by hand

    Made by hand. If you Google that statement, you will be met by a torrent of design products. We are ready to pay extra for something that has been made with care by human hands rather than having been produced by machines. Eva Koch’s work Made by hand is shown on two closely juxtaposed screens…

  • Sankt Annæ Wheel

    Sankt Annæ Wheel

    Sankt Annæ Wheel are sculpturally conceived as a play sculpture for toddlers and slightly older children. With this work Eva Koch demonstrates that sculpture is an important element in the planning of urban spaces, that a sculpture can also function as something that can be played on and can create a local place, and that…

  • That Dream of Peace

    That Dream of Peace

    Eva Koch’s video installation That Dream of Peace is a site-specific work created for a quite special urban space in Copenhagen: The Cisterns under Søndermarken, a former water reservoir that dates back to 1856. Dark, cold and damp the rooms with their dripstone formations remind one both of dripstone caves in nature but also of…

  • Pigeons in the Tower

    Pigeons in the Tower

    Pigeons live in the wild, but they also live in myths, in our collective memory, in poetry and in pictures. Now we are in the tower of Christiansborg Palace, the seat of the Danish Parliament. In that connection one might come to think of the fact that politicians may be ”doves” seeking compromise for the…

  • Star of Teruel

    Star of Teruel

    The eight-pointed star, which can be enclosed in a circle, can be traced back to Babylonian mythology, where it was the symbol of the goddess Ishtat. Later it was, among other things, adopted into Moorish art and can therefore be found in many places in Spain today. In Teruel (Aragon), which is situated close to…

  • Pharos


    A lighthouse is a point of orientation for the seafarer, a series of penetrating flashes telling the mariner that the coast is directly ahead of him and that he must set his course in accordance with this information. If one has been at sea for a long time, the flashes of the lighthouse may seem…

  • Medius Locus − Earth, Bowl and Man

    Medius Locus − Earth, Bowl and Man

    A permanent outdoor video installation and sculpture created specifically for Eriksminde Continuation School, Odder, Denmark.

  • Time is a river which sweeps me along

    Time is a river which sweeps me along

    In the Copenhagen University building, KUA 2 on Amager, Eva Koch has installed 5 video projections in the stairwell

  • IFITRYwaiting


    Much of our lives are spent waiting. For something to begin, or for something to come to an end.

  • IFITRYrunning


    A concrete and a metaphorical self-portrait of the artist, Eva Koch.

  • I Am The River

    I Am The River

    Time has been slowed down so that the human eye can follow the water’s wild, uninterrupted fall from top to bottom. There is a certain meditative calm about it, but fierce white noise of the sound track adds a powerful energy to the impression made by the installation. Standing in front of this reproduction of…

  • June’s Lace

    June’s Lace

    June’s Lace is an exhibition in three parts: an outdoor video projection, a video installation for three projectors and a poem. The installations can be seen as existential and philosophical readings of the lace curtain.

  • Bina


    The idea of our common humanity permeates Eva Koch’s installation Portraits from Bina. This is a site-specific work for the House of Culture in Bina, a suburb of Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan.

  • Nanna


    In her place-specific work “Nanna” Eva Koch uses video to enter into a dialogue with traditional sculpture, in this case a female figure modelled by the once trendsetting sculptor H.W. Bissen.

  • Salammbô


    The video work Salammbô takes its departure in Gustave Flauberts novel Salammbô from 1862 and was created in a dialogue with Jean-Antoine-Marie Idracs neoclassicist sculpture of the same name from 1903 (at the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen).

  • Augusta


    This project aims to give Augusta a glimpse of her Greenlandic family and at the same time produce a living portrait that places the family in the Greenlandic landscape, but, as the video shows, the weather is an incalculable factor.

  • Calais


    Calais is a video and sound work created for Auguste Rodin’s dramatic sculptural group The Burghers of Calais (the Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek, Copenhagen). Rodin’s work is an interpretation of the legend about the 6 leading citizens of Calais who in 1347 offered to sacrifice themselves in order to save their fellow citizens during the English…

  • Confer


    Eva Koch’s video installation Confer consists of two projections set opposite each other. On one projection we see a contrabass, which is filmed so close up that the instrument seems to be physically present. On the other projection we follow a helicopter against the background of a lightly clouded sky. There is no immediate encounter…

  • Evergreen


    The video installation “Evergreen” is about the power of the group and about the cruelty inherent in us that can mercilessly exclude an individual from the group. This is set in the overwhelming and beautiful landscape of the Faeroe Islands. The choice of setting is partly autobiographical, but group pressure and mobbing can take place…

  • Spiral


    From the earliest days the spiral has been used as a symbol, as a sign for change, growth and development. In her Sculptural Water Art Eva Koch has chosen to use the spiral to symbolise the function of the site, a place of learning.

  • Approach


    A video installation about communication. The sound track and the visuals tell the same story, but in different languages, the spoken and sign language. Caught between these two languages, we are in a field of interpretation. Even though we speak the same language, it is not given that we understand the same thing.

  • Postcard to a Ballerina

    Postcard to a Ballerina

    The lone experienced traveller who in the midst of the monotony of a journey on the Trans-Siberian Railway invites you to hear the tale of one of the many incidents he experienced along the way.

  • Span


    The project is a video work, divided between two blocks with each locality showing an extreme point of the ‘same’ story. The video sequences are projected directly onto the outer walls and can be seen from dusk to sunrise. The work establishes a special experiential space as darkness falls.

  • Up


    Eva Koch’s video installation UP is a loop that shows people coming up out of a subterranean shaft. As a projection it has a diameter of about 60 cm. Projected onto a street or pavement where many people pass by, it will provide a moment of surprise, a little intervention that some will pass by…

  • Earthsculpture


    The project consists of an approximately 30-metre high mound with a diameter of about 280 metres. Inside the mound at surface level there are 19 domed lights, each with a diameter of 2.6 metres. Every time a vehicle passes, a flash is activated.

  • En Face

    En Face

    The source of material was family photos from the 1960. Eva Koch used slides put into sequences and with emphasis upon certain details. The slides were shown from three dia carousels placed in the middle of the room, changing continuously. The series had titles as “In Spain”, “Between Sea and Sky” and “Portrait”.

  • NoMad


    On a thin line, a narrow mole extended between sky and sea, human figures walk and walk. Their passage is not without risk. Powerful waves are constantly crashing on the mole, sweeping over the mole and the walkers.

  • NoMadLand


    A garland around a large department store whispering NoMadLand. No mad land or nomad land? And doubt spread, for why this conjuration? And when one had squeezed ones way out of the absorbent mass of jostling bodies inside, the fragile human voice insisting on civilization as opposed to the oblivious inferno from which one had…

  • Sculpture with Wall

    Sculpture with Wall

    In Sculpture with Wall it is the wall that functions as a plinth with the segment of a circle apparently breaking through a wall. Looking from either side of the wall one sees only a bronze form, two bronze surfaces. Only when the observer unites the two views in his mind, does the actual form…

  • The Line, Sculpture

    The Line, Sculpture

    The sculpture is made of polished bronze and is more than 300 meters long, stretching from Algade to Skanderborg Lake. 300 meters is the actual distance from one end to the other of the sculpture, which in fact only appears in larger or smaller fragments.

  • Crowds


    In “Crowds”, the large video installation from 1997, Eva Koch has placed herself in the middle of the crowd of three major cities: Jerusalem, Bombay and Hong Kong, and allowed the camera to roll.

  • Transit


    The video Transit is about being on one’s way, ‘in the gap’, between here and there. Transit means the state of being moved.

  • Nini


    The project was shown as a series of billboards using the same medium as advertising communication in modern urban life. The series presents a portrait series of Nini Haslund Gleditsch, who is wellknown in Norway for her lifelong political commitment and her work for peace.

  • Mind The Gap

    Mind The Gap

    Mind the Gap was housed in one of the small pavilions bordering Kings Garden in Copenhagen. The room was bare. Empty and white, but at the same time filled with a strong light and sound. The empty space, the space that can never be entered, since it would no longer be empty, was ominous, singing…

  • Point


    The sound sculpture in 1993 on Vilhelm Thomsens Plads in Valby is formed as the top of a sphere. A mat, black dome breaking free of the earths grasp or a sinking globe. Slightly dangerous, but at the same time a calm and stable element in contrast to the restless surroundings. Placed in a square…

  • NineNow


    Eva Koch makes a “now”, pronounced in 9 different languages, spring from point to point.

  • Many and One #2

    Many and One #2

    Photocopy at wall and 2 sculptures of painted steel.

  • 12 Glimpses 9 Points

    12 Glimpses 9 Points

    If the top of a sphere becomes sufficiently small, it is no longer defined as part of a sphere, but as a point. In Eva Kochs work these points can appear as markers in a field of images taken from the uninterrupted outpourings of TV, as in the untitled work exhibited at Brandts Klædefabrik in…

  • Pechina, multi media sculpture with light and video

    Pechina, multi media sculpture with light and video

    Double spiral of aluminium sheets. In one room there is a halogen lamp, 1000 w, in the other there are 2 video channels. One showing glimpses of world events and the other showing a street over 24 hours.

  • Blockade


    Sculpture installation, Sophienholm

  • Port