The project consists of 800.000 m3 earth formed as:

  • An approximately 30-metre high mound (1) with a diameter of about 280 metres.
  • Inside the mound at surface level there are 19 domed lights, each with a diameter of 2.6 metres. The lights are controlled by the passing traffic.
  • Horizontal earth dike with heather, cut by local road with sheet piling.
  • Hedgerows of poplars.
  • E 20 roundabout exit 75, Esbjerg N, Highway 463.
  • Service area.
  • Local roads.
  • Airport.

The proposal was to establish the three space-forming elements, the mound, the rampart and the lines of poplars. At a very general level the idea is to create a natural landscape in which technology is an inseparable part.

To the south of the mound an earth rampart extends across the shallow saucer of the terrain. In the middle, where it is bisected by a road, it is about 6 meters high, flattening out at each end as the terrain rises. At the intersection of the road with the rampart there are vertical walls of sheet piling, and the road is obstructed by a hump about one meter in high. On the other side the mound rises immediately in front of one.

The light mound introduces a difference in the transit zone, pointing back to the inheritance of a specific landscape while at the same time pointing to the future through its use of modern technology. The patterns morsed by the lights out into the universe are created by human movements.

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