On a thin line, a narrow mole extended between sky and sea, human figures walk and walk. Their passage is not without risk. Powerful waves are constantly crashing on the mole, sweeping over the mole and the walkers. They walk and walk and while the energy with wich they are moving seems to tell of a goal at the end, we never see it. What is behind is lost, we can only guess at what lies ahead. The mole, wich is at times visible, at times covered in water, is a transition, a place of passage connecting two places. A gap between here and there.

The sound is artificial noise, with elements that mime real sounds. It shifts between being synchronous and asynchronous. Sound and image are two abstract elements that our perception automatically tries to link in order to form a meaningful, but actually fictive reality.

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Eva Koch © 1998 / Pal 4:3 / Stereo / 11:53
Text by Mai Misfeldt · camera: Dave Borthwick · cut: Niels Grønlykke · sound: Peter Sørensen.