Sculpture with Wall

The segment of a circle and the arch are recurrent geometrical forms in Eva Koch’s works. Sculpture with Wall thus refers back to, for instance, her sculpture at the Culture House in Skanderborg, which in a similar way allows an arch to appear.

In Sculpture with Wall it is the wall that functions as a plinth with the segment of a circle apparently breaking through a wall. Looking from either side of the wall one sees only a bronze form, two bronze surfaces. Only when the observer unites the two views in his mind, does the actual form of the work emerge: a section or a fragment of a circle.

As is the case with virtually all Eva Koch’s works, it is the observer who synthesises the work, the observer who, so to speak, become the place where the work comes into being.

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Eva Koch © 1998
Text by Mai Misfeldt
The sculpture, which is in two pieces, is made of bronze.
Height: 2.10 m; depth 0.40 m. + breadth of wall 0.07 m.