The spiral, a curving line that constantly returns to its starting-point, but at a greater distance, is a fundamental figure in nature as a structural principle, from the convoluted interior of the snail to the twisted string of DNA. From the earliest days the spiral has been used as a symbol, as a sign for change, growth and development. In her Sculptural Water Art Eva Koch has chosen to use the spiral to symbolise the function of the site, a place of learning. She has taken her point of departure in the specific space, making use of the only pillar in the room that passes through two storeys. An open gutter spirals down around the 8-metre-high pillar all the way to the floor. Water flows down through the gutter, after which it is pumped up inside the pillar. With this simple device Eva Koch shows how it is possible for the artist to interact with the realisation of a new space and at the same time furnish it with an entirely new dimension.

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Eva Koch © 2006 / Kolding, Denmark
Text by Mai Misfeldt.