The video installation “Evergreen” is about the power of the group and about the cruelty inherent in us that can mercilessly exclude an individual from the group. This is set in the overwhelming and beautiful landscape of the Faeroe Islands. The choice of setting is partly autobiographical, but group pressure and mobbing can take place anywhere.

The video pans continuously from the sea by the shore, across countryside, past some houses, a little village, some shouting and stonethrowing children, and moves on across the landscape, catches a solitary child fleeing, continues over the opposite seashore, towards the sea and turns back towards the land? The sound is real sound, birdsong, the roar of the sea in the great space, the children’s hostile cries and the rapid steps of the fleeing child.

A single circular line, simple and precise, that defines an almost archetypical memory, which is enacted among humans at other levels all through our lives.