The project is a video work, divided between two blocks with each locality showing an extreme point of the “same” story. The video sequences are projected directly onto the outer walls and can be seen from dusk to sunrise. The work establishes a special experiential space as darkness falls.

Pictures are shown of some extreme points in the universal and the local. At roof level satellite pictures of the sun, moon and earth are projected onto “Innanhavet’s” outer gable. Standing still and observing the installation, the viewer will register that the globes are in motion – they are not still photos but live representations from space.

At street level, in contrast, there are pictures from our own reality on earth – a parallel projection on two facing walls lining the entrance to “Lugnvattnet”. The video projections present a square through which people are passing; they add an extra spatial dimension, and as you enter the building, you feel that you are in the middle of this new space.

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