The Quarter

Eva Koch’s sculpture The Quarter is a wall-hung bronze sculpture in two parts installed in a right-angled mirror-clad corner. Outermost there is a relief of a quarter of a circle; innermost as a kind of pupil there is a quarter of a hilly centre. Because of its installation in the mirror-clad corner the concrete quarter unfolds as an entire circle; an encircled landscape with four undulating sections. The sculpture is the original model for Eva Koch’s playground sculpture, which was erected in Sankt Annæ Plads in Copenhagen in 2016. The Quarter is characteristic of Eva Koch’s way of working with sculpture. Many of her sculptural works draw similarly on an invisible dimension, which, so to speak, completes the physical form. This work plays with the geometric forms and with the relationship between reality and illusion. Before us we see a large circular formation, but it is only The Quarter that has a physical dimension, while ¾ of the circle are imaginary. It is in truth a slightly dizzying experience to try to separate optical illusion and reality from one another.  

Eva Koch© 2017 / Sculpture for wall
Bronze. Radius approx. 250 cm. mirrors. Photographed by Morten Jacobsen · Text by Mai Misfeldt · Translation by John Kendal