Il Facchino

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Eva Koch has made use of the possibility of working with video outdoors. In her video work Il Facchino she uses the living picture in urban space and presents the passing public with a new experience of the city when darkness falls.

The living image of the Roman fountain Il Facchino in Via Lata hangs in the dark night of the Danish capital accompanied by the sound of quietly running water. Il Facchino belongs to the group of fountains in Rome that have been called speaking fountains because before freedom of speech was secured they were sometimes used as places where critical and satirical messages could be brought. The anonymous little water vendor embracing the barrel can thus be said to have come to represent the right to speak freely. The figure is a wine vendor from the 16th century and is said to be the wine vendor Abbondio Rizzio, who both sold a great deal and drank copiously of his ware.

Il Facchino is a slightly anonymous and overlooked but nonetheless very human figure, who with his mild, melancholic and rather worn appearance along with the unceasing flow of water reminds us that time is passing.

Eva Koch © 2006 / Stereo / 16:9 / Denmark

Camera: Steen Møller Rasmussen · Sound recording: Morten Holm · Editing: Jeanette Land Schou · Post production: Per Mannstaedt · Documentation: Torben Eskerod · Text: Mai Misfeldt · Supported by The Danish Arts Counsil’s Committee for Visual Arts.