Much of our lives are spent waiting. For something to begin, or for something to come to an end. We wait for great existential changes and little everyday things. For Godot, for love, for summer, for the bus. While we are waiting we may feel that we are in some kind of intermission. Unable to act until what we are waiting for turns up. Waiting time may feel unbearable, as time wasted. But waiting time may also be a refuge. Here nobody can make demands of us. Perhaps it is while we are waiting that the good ideas come to us. Perhaps it is here that we suddenly catch sight of the fact that the artists’ residence in Morocco where we are staying is in itself a gift. Ifitry. If I try. Eva Koch was artist-in-residence in 2012, and it is here she has filmed the other artists staying there, while they “wait in front of her 3D camera”. The individual sequences have been joined together, which gives the audience a possibility of feeling as if they were part of the meeting with those waiting fellow humans. But if we move around in the room, something happens. The eyes of the strangers follow us, look at us, give us a sign. Perhaps it is us they are waiting for, the stranger and fellow human being.