Eva Koch’s video installation UP is a loop that shows people coming up out of a subterranean shaft. As a projection it has a diameter of about 60 cm.

Projected onto a street or pavement where many people pass by in the course of the day, it will provide a moment of surprise, a little intervention that some will pass by with a quick glance, while others may pause for a moment to wonder what is going on.

The idea behind this simple installation is that urban space is itself so full of information and images that it may be difficult for art to find a place and demand to be seen and reflected on. Art in public space actually requires a special ethic to take account of the question of how art may address a public that has not in fact asked to be addressed. With her discreet intervention Eva Koch opens a possibility for us to reflect on all that we do not see, all that lies outside our field of vision.

This video takes it startingpoint in the fact that one often walks around with the eyes on the ground. Projected on the pavement, the video shows people coming up out of a shaft.