Eva Koch makes a “now”, pronounced in 9 different languages, spring from point to point. The now is local, always some other place than we had expected. We are speaking of points in time, moments of time, punched out of the undifferentiated stream. In Kings Garden in Odense the 9 points grow out of the grass. And faster than ones body can follow and move, the now moves from point to point. The pattern is larger than oneself, the moment cannot be preserved.
There are no plinths and the structure is nonhierarchic, so that what we have is a piece of minimal art, a sculpture that one must be in and experience with ones body. At the same time the confrontation with the fact that one can never be where the sculpture is makes it impossible to maintain a contemplative being in the sculpture. Art, like the moment, has always moved just when one thinks that one has seized it.