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IFITRYrunning was recorded in Morocco at Ifitry, an artists’ residence near Essaouira, on the coast in the southern part of the country. The video, which is repeated in a two-minute loop, shows the artist running around in the labyrinthine Moroccan architecture. One sees her in glimpses at the same time as one hears the sound of running steps; now she comes from one side, now from the other. She is not being pursued − rather she is running for the pleasure of it.

The video was recorded with a 3D camera, which gives the viewer a sense of sharing the space with the running woman. Actually one would like to meet her, but this can’t be done − the woman is constantly on the move, changing direction unpredictably. In this way the video is both a concrete and a metaphorical self-portrait of the artist, Eva Koch.

Eva Koch © 2013 / DVD Blue-ray / 16/9 / 2 min.

File conversion: Peter Friis, CAVI and Anja Farsig Picture editor: Oskar Fanta Sound editor: Lea Korsgaard Support: CAVI – Centre for Advanced Visualization and Interaction, University of Aarhus, Denmark.