Work Type: Sculpture

The Quarter

Eva Koch’s sculpture The Quarter is a wall-hung bronze sculpture in two parts installed in a right-angled mirror-clad corner. Outermost there is a relief of a quarter of a circle; innermost as a kind of pupil there is a quarter of a hilly centre. Because of its installation in the mirror-clad corner the concrete quarter …

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Sankt Annæ Wheel

Sankt Annæ Wheel are sculpturally conceived as a play sculpture for toddlers and slightly older children. With this work Eva Koch demonstrates that sculpture is an important element in the planning of urban spaces, that a sculpture can also function as something that can be played on and can create a local place, and that …

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Star of Teruel

The eight-pointed star, which can be enclosed in a circle, can be traced back to Babylonian mythology, where it was the symbol of the goddess Ishtat. Later it was, among other things, adopted into Moorish art and can therefore be found in many places in Spain today. In Teruel (Aragon), which is situated close to …

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Sculpture, Skanderborg

The sculpture is made of polished bronze and is more than 300 meters long, stretching from Algade to Skanderborg Lake. 300 meters is the actual distance from one end to the other of the sculpture, which in fact only appears in larger or smaller fragments.

Sculpture with Wall

In Sculpture with Wall it is the wall that functions as a plinth with the segment of a circle apparently breaking through a wall. Looking from either side of the wall one sees only a bronze form, two bronze surfaces. Only when the observer unites the two views in his mind, does the actual form of the work emerge: a section or a fragment of a circle. As is the case with virtually all Eva Koch’s works, it is the observer who synthesises the work, the observer who, so to speak, become the place where the work comes into being.

No Title

If the top of a sphere becomes sufficiently small, it is no longer defined as part of a sphere, but as a point. In Eva Kochs work these points can appear as markers in a field of images taken from the uninterrupted outpourings of TV, as in the untitled work exhibited at Brandts Klædefabrik in 1993.

Multi media

Double spiral of aluminium sheets. In one room there is a halogen lamp, 1000 w, in the other there are 2 video channels. One showing glimpses of world events and the other showing a street over 24 hours.